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pianta Achimenes To have healthy and luxuriant plants, it is best to place them in a very luminous place, but not directly exposed to the sun’s rays; these plants are afraid of the cold, and in autumn they go into a vegetative rest; the rhizomes are to be kept at temperatures close to 15-18°C, in pot, or in bags of fabric filled with wood sawdust, in order to absorb the humidity.

The ideal temperature for growing Achimenes plants during the growing season should not exceed 26/28 °C.

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fiore achimenes From March to October, water the Achimenes regularly, avoiding leaving the soil to dry excessively but without causing waterlogging which could lead to root rot; during the resting period, it is best to cut the stems at the base and the rhizomes should be kept almost dry.

When providing water it is good to check not to wet the leaves and flowers, which could easily spoil.

During flowering, add flowering plant fertiliser every 7-8 days to the water of the watering, in a dose half that recommended for other flowering plants.


pianta achimenes For the correct cultivation of these plants, it is useful to place them in a soft and well drained soil, very rich of humus; the rhizomes are to be repotted every year in new soil, enriched with humus or with little manure, well ripe.

Check that the soil allows the correct drainage of the water, so that there is no danger of water stagnation.


In spring it is possible to remove the small tubercles from the rhizomes, which are to be placed in a rich and well drained soil, in a temperate greenhouse; they can be planted both singly and united. In summer it is possible to make cuttings; in spring it is possible to sow the small dark seeds; these are to be placed in a container with sand and peat in equal parts. The container with the seeds is to be kept in a protected and sheltered place with a temperature not lower than the 20 °C.

Achimenes: Parasites and diseases

achimenes fiori Mites and aphids can damage the leaves and flowers. To counteract the problem you can use natural methods with macerated garlic or nettle-based, to vaporize on the plant. Another problem that can affect this type of plant is the formation of root rot due to excessive watering.

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